What is Daily Money Management?

A Daily Money Manager (DMM) is an insured professional who assists you with the day-to-day financial activities so you can enjoy life and have more peace of mind.

Our services are the right fit for you if you are unable or unwilling to handle everyday money-related tasks.

*Below are examples of types of clients we service.

Meet Janice, an independent senior

Since Janice has moved into her new assisted living facility, she has been uninterested in getting on top of her bills. She wants to make sure that if cognitive decline were to start for her, that she would have a trusted professional to handle her bills.

After hiring Paraclete Ventures to handle her day-to-day finances, she was met with a friendly professional that communicated well with her favorite daughter who lives a couple states away.

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Meet Sandra, the C-Suite mom

Between leading a local tech company as their CIO, family obligations, and a more complicated financial life, Shandra has little time and little bandwidth to manage her day-to-day finances on her own. 

After hiring Paraclete Ventures, Sandra can now focus on leading her company and her family and know that her personal finances will be handled by a professional.. 

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Meet Laurie, the business owner

Running a business gives Laurie her strength but oftentimes, personal finances take a back seat to her business finances. She pays for a bookkeeper for her business but she really needs someone to manage her personal cashflow.

Now that Laurie hired Paraclete Ventures, she can focus more on running her business and still make the right moves for her personal situation.

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Delegate daily and recurring tasks to a trusted partner when you are unable to or don't want to handle them yourself

We will help you by

Sorting your mail
Paying your bills
Preparing your checks
Making your bank deposits
Reconciling your bank accounts
Preparing your income and expense reports
Negotiating with your creditors
Reconciling your medical claims
Taking inventory and consolidating your financial assets
Coordinating your property and asset sale logistics
Coordinating your real estate maintenance and repairs
Referring you to specialized professionals
Preparing your budget
Reducing your debts
Coordinating your transportation needs


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