What is Daily Money Management?

A Daily Money Manager (DMM) is an insured professional who assists you with day-to-day financial activities so you can enjoy life and have more peace of mind. Our services are the right fit if you are unable or unwilling to handle every day money-related tasks.

Needing help with your daily finances doesn’t mean you are irresponsible! You might be a busy professional who is focused on making money rather than managing it. Maybe you have an aging parent who has difficulty remembering to pay bills on time—and you don’t know what to do. Perhaps you simply feel stressed or confused when you sit down to figure out your budget. You don’t have to keep struggling alone. You can take control of your money by delegating daily and recurring financial tasks to a trusted partner.

What is Paraclete Ventures?

In 2005, Kent and Becky Couch founded Paraclete Ventures, LLC as part of a joint business venture. Over the years, the couple has successfully provided personal and business services through a variety of entities under this holding company. When Kent launched his Daily Money Management business, the Paraclete name was already a perfect fit. This husband and wife team continues to work together today, serving clients in Arlington, Mansfield, and the greater Tarrant County area.