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Research Brief (2010):  Money Management for the Elderly

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Media Articles and Books regarding Daily Money Management:       

       Daily Money Management: The Most Important Job You’ve Never Heard Of
        (by | Aug 25, 2015 )        

       Building Wealth – A Beginner’s Guide
  (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas | May, 2016)        

       Managing Daily Finances on a Budget?
  (by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox | AARP | July 1, 2016)

       Money Resource Guide for Kids
        (by Charles Parker | Posted April 28, 2016)

As Cognition Slips, Financial Skills Are Often the First to Go
(by Tara Siegel Bernard | The NY Times | April 2015)

When Your Aging Parents Need a Daily Money Manager
(by Lewis Braham | MSN Money | July 2014)

Money Matters
(by Mark Henricks | American Way Magazine | February 2013)

Money ‘watcher’ keeps clients’ finances on track
(by Donna Gehrke-White | Sun Sentinel | June 15, 2013)

Daily money management services keep seniors independent
(Chicago Tribune | PRIMETIME | 2013)

Retirees create demand for daily money managers
(by Eileen Ambrose of the Baltimore Sun | Los Angeles Times | Saturday, June 22, 2013)

A Guide to Sensible Money Management
(by Fisher Investments | Suggested by Lexi, Research Intern at the Charlotte, TN Library | 2013)

Enjoying your golden years: Saving for the future
(by Chloe Mayer | Borro | 2013)

A Little Help With the Bills
(by Anne Tergesen | The Wall Street Journal | July 14, 2012)

Is it Time to Hire a Daily Money Manager?
(by Erica Sandberg | | May 22, 2012)

Daily Money Management Programs for Seniors
(by Kathleen Michon, J.D. | NOLO – LAW for ALL)

Get Help to Tackle Paperwork
(by Laura Cohn | Kiplinger | July 23, 2008)

Finding a daily money manager
(by Tamara E. Holmes | | May 25, 2005)

Tired of Stamp-Licking? A Daily Money Manager Can Help
(by Jennifer Friedlin | The New York Times | October 3, 2004)