ParacleteVentures_logo_icon_4cMany ask: “What is a Paraclete?” The term “Paraclete” is derived from the Koine Greek word “paráklētos,” signifying one who consoles or comforts, encourages or uplifts and hence refreshes, and/or intercedes as an advocate. “Paraclete” appears in the Gospel of John where it may be translated into English as counselor, helper, encourager, advocate or comforter. The early church identified the Paraclete as the Holy Spirit. Christians continue to use the term Paraclete as a title for the Spirit of God.

The Paraclete Ventures logo references ancient Christian art, utilizing a descending dove to represent the Holy Spirit (Paraclete) and crossed mandorlas to create a symmetrical image.


  Kent Couch is the active principal at Paraclete Ventures

  • Experienced Daily Money Manager since 2009
  • 30+ Years Experience in Business Financial Management
  • 55-Year Boy Scout Veteran
  • Vice President and Executive Board Member, Longhorn Council, BSA
  • Recent BSA Cross Timbers District Chairman, Arlington, TX
  • Grace Presbyterian (PCUSA) Elder, Clerk of Session and Trustee
  • Member of the Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Past Board Member of the PIA Credit Union
  • Past Board Member of Nolan Catholic High School
  • Past Arlington ISD Teacher and Principal
  • Past President Southern Graphic Arts Professionals
  • Member of Arlington Chamber of Commerce